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Who is Mythic Mead®?

So you want to know our story? Well, we are a small artisan meadery. Providing Idaho with its first dedicated meadery*, Mythic Mead LLC is a veteran-owned and operated company that started from a passion and a genuine desire to share merriment and joy with others. Established in 2015 by a disabled Army vet and his wife, a Boise State University alumnus, in Boise, ID, it has been an adventure starting this business.

From our small production facility in Garden City, Idaho, we hope to introduce mead to those who don’t know about this incredible libation, and offer a high-quality option on the market for those who already do know what mead is. We would love if you help us in this endeavor by telling your friends (over 21) to be mythic, and drink Mythic Mead®. (Sorry, we’re too small to have that mead hall/ tasting room yet, but it is in the works…)

You can read more about our journey to get here in the article featured on pages 20 and 21 in the Fall/Winter 2016 issue of the American Meadmaker.

*Dedicated meadery – A winery that only produces mead, or honeywine.

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What is mead?

It’s tasty. At least, that’s what we hear (and we happen to agree with that…). But why take our word for it? Get a bottle and see for yourself. You’ll also be supporting a USA made product as well as an Army vet-owned and operated business.

Mead, also known as honey-wine, is a naturally gluten-free alcoholic drink derived from the fermentation of honey. To be a true mead, at least half of the fermentable sugars must come from honey (not grapes, or other sugars), according to the American Mead Makers Association. At Mythic Mead®, all of our mead boasts all of our sugars for fermentation coming from honey, except in a couple of specialty melomels (fruit meads) where most of the sugars for fermentation still come from honey. Visit our History of Mead page for more info.

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How does Mythic Mead® make their mead?

Committed to the finest quality ingredients, we endeavor to source locally and quality assure every batch that we make. We never boil our honey so as to preserve the delicate flavors and properties inherent to honey. This is just one more way that we can make sure that what you drink is of the best quality. When you drink Mythic Mead®, you can be assured that what you are drinking is a truly mythic drink.