photo_fourBadger Creek Studio [handmade drinking horns and other renaissance faire memorabilia]

– About –

We are often asked, “Where is Badger Creek?” Badger Creek is not a place on the map, but a concept and a goal for our business.

We continue to work hard at bringing hand crafted excellence to our products and bring new and imaginative ideas to our customers. Renaissance fairs, Celtic festivals, Highland games, spiritual events and science fiction conventions are just a few places we can be found. All of us at Badger Creek Studio enjoy time spent with our customers. We learn from our customers what they look for and what they would like to see from our company.

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Black Wolf Siren [fashion and decor]

– About –

Black Wolf Siren was founded by the Black Wolf Siren herself, Tracy Dixon in Phoenix, AZ. Tracy designs a dark mix of glam and goth informed by traditional pagan symbols and punk rock attitude. Black Wolf Siren is a blend of intrigue, sacred, humorous, and sexy designs made for mysterious sirens to enhance their enchanting allure.

@blackwolfsiren on instagram