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Are you looking for something new, something that isn’t wine, cider or beer, and is worthy of the legendary songs of old? You might try some delicious mead. You can head over to our Buy Mythic Mead page for some great deals and more info on where to find our product!

BSU radio just did an awesome spot on local agriculture and our alcohol manufacture scene that featured us. If you want to hear it, this is the link: http://boisestatepublicradio.org/post/distilled-idaho-microbrew-industry-spurs-fruitful-relationship-local-agriculture

More Witless Wonders is here! A fun, new mead for those in Idaho, Witless Wonders brings huckleberries and blackberries together.

Through May 1st, 2018, grab your MYTHIC6 on VinoShipper and save 20% when you use code MYTHIC6 at checkout on your purchase of 6 bottles or more.

(Offer not available in all states. Must be 21 or over to purchase. See our Where To Buy Mead page for details.)

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Want to learn more about some of the history and myths behind mead? We find it fascinating, and you probably will too.

Do you find yourself wondering how old mead really is? We also have some information on the origin of honeymoons and some of why mead has been such an important drink to so many cultures. Our History of Mead page touches on these questions and more. If you are looking to learn some more about some of this beverage’s amazing history, give our History of Mead page a look.

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The Forging of a dream – mythic beginnings

Looking to learn more on how Mythic Mead came to be? Take a peek at our About Us and Our Mead pages to learn about what makes our company tick. These pages are where we tell you about who the owners who founded and operate the company are. Thanks for taking a look at our small business. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love and keep bringing you something tasty.

As always, Be Mythic! (and don’t forget to tell your friends)

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